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Our Hospice Physicians and Nurse Practitioner

It’s National Hospice & Palliative Care Awareness Month

Today we’re celebrating our Hospice Physicians and Nurse Practitioner

What is a Hospice Physician or Nurse Practitioner?

Responsible for identifying a patient’s need and/or continued need for end-of-life care. Provides hospice information for families and patients, which includes describing how hospice works.

Key member of the care team participating in the hospice care plan, including visits made to home, facility, or hospice residence to discuss prognosis or to review and adjust the hospice plan of care.


Responsibilities of Hospice Physician and/or Nurse Practitioner include (but not limited to):

Overseeing the Hospice care of all patients.

Participates as a member of the Interdisciplinary team and in the Interdisciplinary Team meeting.

Participates in several patient visits per week in various settings such as Cancer Center, Hospital, Home and the Poppen Residence.

Provides recommendations and orders for controlling patient symptoms to maintain comfort at the end of life.

The Physician and Nurse Practitioner participate in the Palliative Care Program and both make visits to these patients as well, in various settings.  Read more about our Palliative Care program, medical specialty supportive care for you.


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