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Our Hospice Community Outreach and Development

It’s National Hospice & Palliative Care Awareness Month

Today we’re celebrating our Community Specialists and Outreach Team!







The Ultimate Daily Goals of the Marketer! (Our Community Engagement Specialist)

Being a marketer is pretty sweet, but this doesn’t mean it comes easy. They have full plates, such as campaigns, goals, budgets and priorities.   Not to mention the need to be constantly creative, hard working, agile and persistent.

Set goals – The wisest and greatest of marketers set goals. Marketing goals are fluid and constantly changing!

Study the Competition – You must find out who your competition is study them and look at what they are doing.

Address a Target Audience – This may seem obvious but you would be surprised how many companies out there don’t address their target audience properly.

Create Content – Great marketers create shareable content that their audience will have an interest in. With content, you can educate prospects about what is important in your industry and this builds trust between you and them.

Nurture – Building a relationship with prospects and leads is something that occurs daily. It starts from the moment they come across your brand on the Internet. From this point, a relationship has begun.

Social Listening – Listening to what is being said about your brand and industry across social media is important. Lots of opportunities can be missed if you are not listening. If you are listening you have the opportunity to respond and become a reputable source for them.


Targeted communications in marketing campaigns are much more effective than the generic approach of one massive email blast. Everyone in your contact database is different. A great marketer will find out what makes them different by asking the right questions.

Test – In my opinion this is the best part of marketing. Testing different items across the campaigns you run will help you to understand what works and what doesn’t work.

Measure & Analyze – Always be looking at the numbers and measure everything. A great marketer measures and analyzes the performance of their campaigns.

Innovate – Of course it is a marketer’s job to be creative but you should always be looking to separate yourself from the competition. Be innovative in your marketing by trying new things and putting new ideas into motion.


It’s the golden age of the Executive Assistant

Among the many qualification of the executive assistant, they are highly educated, ambitious young people with off-the-map “soft skill” IQs and EQ’s ! The role of the Executive Assistant is invaluable.

Some traits include

  • Accuracy. Meticulous follow-through.
  • Advanced time management and organizational skills, with the ability to adapt to fluid schedules and priorities.
  • Demonstrated ability to achieve high performance goals and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
  • Strong organizational skills that reflect the ability to perform and prioritize multiple tasks seamlessly with excellent attention to detail.
  • Very strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build relationships with a variety of people including contractors, manufacturing representatives, co-workers, and a sophisticated customer base.
  • Demonstrated proactive approaches to problem-solving with strong decision-making capability.
  • Highly resourceful team-player, with the ability to also be extremely effective independently.
  • Forward looking, analytical thinker, who actively seeks opportunities and proposes solutions.
  • Positive, upbeat, self-starting and can-do attitude.
  • Enthusiasm to help without being asked. Skilled at anticipating needs


The Development Director Breakdown

Most non-profit organizations would not be sustainable without fund development.   The person that is in this role has to be mission driven and passionate about the organization.  Someone that truly believes in the work and therefore able to tell wonderful stories/outreach/communicate. There are many responsibilities and they are constantly thinking of genuine ways to build relationships in the community and personalizing the mission.  Development professionals must master this art to develop campaign giving plans, corporate partnerships, estate planning scenarios and target solicitation mailings. There are many hats that are worn as a Development Director and here is just a snapshot of how time is spent in fund development.

  • Believes in, builds and instills the mission in the community
  • Plans fund-raising campaigns and activities
  • Manages fund-raising campaigns and activities
  • Recruits and train volunteer fund-raising leadership
  • Identifies and cultivate prospective donors
  • Stays on top of advancements and changes that are pertinent to raising money within the community, to the organization’s mission and programs, and to the development profession
  • Forecasts and evaluate the potential of fund-raising campaigns and activities
  • Produces solicitation materials and train volunteer solicitors for fund-raising campaigns
  • Manages personnel within the development department and interact with other organization staff members to promote who we are, what we do and why our work is so very valuable.

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