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Our Hospice Facility & Dietary Services

It’s National Hospice & Palliative Care Awareness Month

Today we’re celebrating our Hospice Facility Services Team!









Hospice Dietary Services FUN FACTS:

  • Staff make approximately make 120 trips to local grocery store/year
  • There are 52 local food service deliveries/year
  • 3 dietary employees make over 9,855 meals in a year









Hospice Facility Services/Maintenance FUN FACTS:

The Leila & Cyrus Poppen Hospice Residence

  • Lawn gets mowed once/week
  • We have approx. 150 flags put out for Veterans Day and Flag Day
  • Floors in the patient/ and family rooms are stripped and waxed once/year
  • The carpet gets cleaned yearly with spot cleaning as needed
  • Touch up painting is a constant up keep.
  • Coordinator makes more than 200 trips/year to Menards/Other
  • There are 29 fan coils
  • 4 dehumidifiers
  • 1 hot water boiler, 200 gallon hot water storage tank, and 2 heating boilers
  • Approximately 150 windows
  • 18 toilets in residence
  • Our Facility Services Coordinator is on call 24/7!


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