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I Couldn’t Do Your Job. A Harbor Hospice Podcast.

NEW episodes every Thursday at 4:30 PM.

Our staff hear it daily… You know, I could not do your job. You are angels and have been called to work in hospice care. Thank you.

Hear the ‘why’ directly from our hospice, palliative care, grief support team. A podcast with guests from our team and community partners.

Co-hosted by Amy Geldersma, Social Work & Counseling Services Manager and Cheri Montambo, Clinical Outreach Specialist.

I Couldnt Do Your Job logov2 1024x644 - I Couldn't Do Your Job.  A Harbor Hospice Podcast.

Episode 12 – Community Includes All of Us

Episode 11 – Patient Centered Care Means Patient Centered People

Episode 10 – Your Loss is Welcomed Here.

Episode 9 – Harbor Hospice Myths Debunked.

Episode 8 – The Impact of a Volunteer.

Episode 7 – Comfort and Respect at Our Poppen Residence.

Episode 6 – The Comfort of a Chaplain.

Episode 5 – Grief Impacts All of Us.

Episode 4 – The Power of Touch.

Episode 3 – Your First Experience with Harbor Hospice.

Episode 2 – Loss During COVID-19, Everyone is Grieving.

Episode 1 – Your Journey. Your Terms. Our Expertise.


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