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May is Nurses Month. Nurses Make a Difference!

May is Nurses Month. Nurses Make a Difference!

The impact of nurses on health care is unparalleled directly affecting the health and well-being of our society. Nurses are everywhere we live, work, play, learn, and worship, and in every health care setting providing care to millions of people. (ref:

We celebrate all nurses during the month, Nurses Week (May 6-12) and Nurses Day (May 6). Our compassionate team of skilled nurses play a key role in easing physical and emotional symptoms. Nursing visits are as frequent as patient need dictates. In addition to coordinating the patient’s care, nurses provide direct nursing care and educate and support both the patient and caregivers.

We love our hospice and palliative care nurses. Thank you for all you do every day!


Florence Nightingale was instrumental in developing many of the hygiene and sanitation practices now used in modern nursing. “The Lady with the Lamp” also helped shape the uniform used by nurses – particularly the cap. Nuns who cared for the ill had worn head coverings and veils for centuries. Nightingale’s caps sat on top of the head to hold the nurses’ hair back; different styles of caps could denote the seniority of the nurse.

Most nurses no longer wear the cap because of its potential for bacterial contamination, which is a bit ironic, considering Florence Nightingale was a champion of both hygiene and the nurse’s cap.


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