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Celebrating HR Professionals. September 26 is their day!

September 26, we celebrate HR Professionals across the globe!

It is a time to honor these organized, very efficient, and ‘people’ professionals that support our team and interested candidates every day.

Our HR Professionals support the entire care team and office team by establishing and interpretation of human resources policies, procedures and the management of the Human Resources function. Our Payroll Specialist also provides the primary day-to-day administration of payroll and benefits

We love our Human Resources Manager and Payroll & Benefits Specialist. Thank you for all you do every day!


Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen referenced Human Resource Professional Day (H.R. Professional Day) back in October of 2013. He created this day to recognize and celebrate human resource professionals because they play an integral role in ensuring the success of organizations by nurturing and developing human capital.

H.R. professionals carry out multiple tasks in an organization. They have to follow important legislation, help co-workers get paid, and get to plan those fun company parties after a long year’s work. It was not until Governor-General Hon Steadman Alvin Ridout Fuller declared it an official holiday in Jamaica in 2018 that H.R. Professional Day came into the spotlight.

H.R. Professional Day is an opportunity to learn about what H.R. does to make employees’ lives better and give people the opportunity to join the H.R. industry. H.R. Professional Day is all about thanking and appreciating the hard work of H.R. staff since they handle the most difficult situations, such as staff negotiations, corporate liaison, and legislation interpreting.


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