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Our Hospice: Care Settings

At Home

Home care is the core of what hospice care is all about. Nine out of ten Americans faced with a terminal illness express the wish to die at home, free of pain, surrounded by people they love. Hospice care delivered to you in your own home helps make that wish a possibility.

It is not an easy task for a family to take the role of caregiver for the terminally ill loved one. Hospice care helps by providing nursing care and physician visits to the home and social workers to meet with the patient and the family on the emotional issues they’re handling. Certified Home Health Aides visit several times per week to assist with personal care such as bathing. Spiritual care is offered; volunteer help is extended.

In a Residential Care Center

For almost 25% of the people served by Harbor Hospice, home is a residential care center or nursing home. The hospice team shares their expertise in end of life care with the center staff to achieve the best possible outcomes for the patient.

The dying process changes a patient’s needs. Hospice care addresses those needs, be it pain control, symptom management, equipment, medications, or just extra time and attention for routine activities. Hospice care gives the patient another layer of care and that help extends to family members as well.  The hospice team includes physicians, nurses, social workers, home health aides, volunteers, spiritual caregivers, and grief counselors.

The Leila and Cyrus Poppen Hospice Residence is available when providing care at home is not the best option. The facility has been designed to consider every comfort that would make a patient and families feel ‘at home’. The facility is staffed by certified trained nurses and aides that are available for patients all day and all evening.