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Services: Think of Me

A gift program for caregivers

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Much like the fluidity of one generation to the next a record spins on, archiving in sonic form a moment which can be shared, heard, and held.

Sounds and stories of loved ones passed deserve to be revisited in a lasting, cherished, and intentional manor.

A familiar voice, a physical memory.

-Think of Me

What is involved in the Think of Me program?

Sound is a physical experience. The human voice is as unique as a fingerprint. However, unlike a fingerprint, the sound of someone’s voice evokes memories and emotions that are forever a part of who we are. Physically archiving the human voice onto a vinyl record is an actual extension of that very person. What is cut into the record is their distinctive self, their words, their waves, alive.

Think of Me makes this extremely powerful experience a reality by hand cutting a one of a kind vinyl record for families that hold the voice of their loved one who has passed on.

Harbor Hospice understands that the great grief that comes with loss happens because of the great love we have given and received from that special person. Knowing this, Think of Me and Harbor Hospice have partnered together to provide this optional one of a kind heirloom to families in their care at no cost.

For more information, please ask a member of the care team.

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