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Resources: Physician & Provider

Hospice care is not giving up; it’s giving a new hope by restoring choice and control to the dying patient and their family.

Harbor Hospice provides more than medically appropriate care for dying patients. It allows dying patients to finish their lives with dignity, without pain, in the care of loved ones, and in the warm comfort of familiar surroundings.

Hospice care is medical care that uniquely serves a population of patients who are dying.  Good hospice care is the most medically appropriate choice for some patients, giving the dying and their families the time they need to adjust, to laugh and cry a little more, to say goodbye, and to begin managing the grieving process. Harbor Hospice offers patients and families the opportunity to live out their journey as they wish on their terms with our expertise.

The Hospice Physician

A member of the hospice care team who is responsible for identifying a patient’s need and/or continued need for end-of-life care.  Provides hospice information for families and patients, which includes describing how hospice works.

Hospice Physicians are encouraged to remain involved as a member of the care team, participating in the hospice care plan, including visits made to home, facility, or hospice residence to discuss prognosis or to review and adjust the hospice plan of care.

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Dr. Gerald Harriman, DO, FAAHPM

Medical Director

Dr. Gerald Harriman joined Harbor Hospice in 2006. Prior to this time he was a board-certified Family Physician, and in private practice for over 21 years. He is a 1985 graduate of Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, where he continues as an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine. Dr. Harriman became certified in Hospice and Palliative Medicine in the inaugural year of the Osteopathic Examination in 2009.

Also working with Dr. Harriman are Hospice Physicians,  Mary Boyer, MD, FACEP; Danielle Sigelko, DO; Caitlin Fulton, DO, and Nurse Practitioners, Robin Anderson, RN, MSN, NP, and Chad Shelner, NP-C