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Ways to Give: Compassionate Givers

The Power of Giving as ONE OF MANY

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Join our mission

To support the programs of Harbor Hospice and Harbor Palliative Care through collective philanthropic giving.

As a member of Compassionate Givers, the impact of your annual gift will grow tremendously when joined with the gifts from other members. Once a year, Compassionate Givers vote to decide how their combined funds will be used. One hundred percent of the funds are then awarded to the Harbor Hospice program or capital need that receives the greatest number of votes.

Your generosity through the Harbor Hospice Foundation Compassionate Givers will positively impact the lives of thousands of adults and children in West Michigan every year!

The Joys of Membership

Compassionate Givers meet four times a year to learn how Harbor Hospice staff and volunteers are at work in the community providing hospice and palliative care, and supporting grieving family members and caregivers who have lost someone close. These champion philanthropists have the opportunity to engage with staff and with each other to gain an understanding of the work of Harbor Hospice and how it is meeting the needs of adults and children in West Michigan. In turn, they share a deep sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Join Us

Compassionate Givers is open to anyone wishing to provide focused financial support annually to Harbor Hospice programs. By offering two stages of membership, Compassionate Givers welcomes and encourages both seasoned philanthropists and those who want to expand their commitment to charitable giving.

  • Leadership Donors are 40 years old and up who contribute $1,000 annually through Compassionate Givers.
  • Rising Leaders are under 40 years old who contribute $500 annually through Compassionate Givers.

Membership is renewed at the end of each calendar year.

Choose the Project that Touches YOU

We are delighted that the Compassionate Givers voted to collectively support Jetpacks for the 2022 program selection! Jetpacks are small, portable devices that provide a strong, secure connection to the internet giving an uninterrupted link while sharing information about the patient to other healthcare professionals in our five-county region. This technology enhances the patient’s experience by allowing quick communication, resulting in excellent patient care by the Harbor Hospice clinical team.

Since 2019, the members of the Compassionate Givers have given $128,000 to support programs and enhance the mission of Harbor Hospice and Harbor Palliative Care!

Give in a Way that Works for YOU

Your annual gift can be made as cash, a check, a credit card payment, or appreciated stock. The full amount will be applied toward the capital need or program chosen by you and your fellow members of Compassionate Givers.

Building the Future of Life-Changing Care

Become a Compassionate Giver Today

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