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Services: Harbor Tele-Health

An easy and secure way to connect with your care team

A virtual video visit makes it easy to have a face-to-face appointment with your Harbor Hospice or Harbor Palliative Care provider without them coming to your home – wherever you call home.

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to get started.

For more information visit our FAQ section below or call us at 231.728.3442 or 1.800.497.9559

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We are here for you in-person or virtually

The staff at Harbor Hospice and Harbor Palliative Care are available to answer questions or provide support should you have questions or would like assistance in connecting virtually with our care team.  Please call 231.728.3442 or 1.800.497.9559 to set up an appointment at our office or email us through our contact us system.


How do virtual video visits work?

There are different options to visit with your provider, care team or grief counselor virtually. Harbor Tele-Health gives you direct access to your care team through a patient portal. Video visits are scheduled video chats where you’ll speak with your provider. They also allow you discuss your hospice or palliative care plan. Individual or group grief support can also be conducted via through video.

What technology do I need to have to attend a virtual video visit?

Harbor Tele-Health is available through several options virtually including, Zoom and GoToMeeting and will work on most smart phones, computers and tablets that have video capabilities and internet connection.

You will also need to be using Chrome, Firefox or Safari for your internet browser.

Quick Video or Audio Quality Troubleshooting:

  • Getting on the Latest Browser & Operating System Update – Make sure your device is up to date. Your operating system (i.e. windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android) periodically releases improvements for known issues that improve the performance of your device. The same is also true for your Browser. You can check your browser version here. Don’t just assume you are on the latest because you have auto updates on.
  • Restarting your Device – Device performance will decrease if your device has to manage multiple apps in the background, even if they aren’t being used. A restart can clear out the device’s memory giving you a fresh start for your phone. This works really well with older devices.
  • Try a Different Browser – Chrome, Safari and Firefox (latest versions) are all capable of running, Zoom or GoToMeeting
  • Try Another Device – Sometimes using another device can work wonders. If using another device doesn’t fix the issue than try troubleshooting your network.
  • Try Another Network – Sometimes switching from your local network to a WIFI connection can help.
  • Moving Closer to Your Router – Getting right next to your router, or getting plugged into your router (for computers & laptops) can help improve your connection.
  • Charging your Devices Battery – Low power mode or just not being plugged into a power source may cause your device to run in a power saving mode. This will reduce the performance of your device.
  • Disconnect other Devices from Your Network – Ask others in your household or residence to disconnect their devices (TVs, computers, smart devices) so they do not use up valuable bandwidth.
  • Call your ISP – Make sure your Internet Service Provider isn’t slowing your connection speeds.

When are patient or grief support appointments available? 

Hours vary based on the provider’s hours, but generally, appointments will be scheduled between 8 am and 5 pm Monday-Friday and some may be scheduled over the weekend.

How do I schedule a Harbor Tele-Health Video Visit? 

Please speak with a member from your care team to be connected virtually and schedule a patient visit or grief support.

  • Harbor Hospice and Grief Support 231.728.3442 or 1.800.497.9559
  • Harbor Palliative Care 231.722.0382

Can I get or refill a prescription for pain and symptom management? 

Yes. You can receive or refill your prescriptions through any virtual visit option.

Are virtual video visits covered under my insurance? 

Some insurance coverage may vary – but most insurers are covering virtual visits. It’s always a good idea to check with your insurance provider before scheduling an appointment.

Will I be charged if the provider is unable to treat me virtually?

If the provider begins your visit and believes that you need to be seen in-person, you will not be charged for the virtual visit.

What help or symptoms can be addressed during a virtual video visit? 

  • Patient referral for hospice or palliative care
  • Current patient or family supported needs
  • Pain and symptom management
  • Prescription refills
  • Grief counseling including individual or group support
  • Assistance with advanced directives

I suffer from a serious illness and in palliative care. Should I still use virtual video visits?

Yes. Virtual video visits connect you with any member of your Harbor Palliative Care Team.

What kinds of services can I get using a video visit?

You can ask questions for your hospice or palliative care provider, view your test results, or request a refill on a prescription. Grief support is also available for caregivers, family and the community through individual or group support. Basically anything you can do during an in-person appointment that does not require a physical examination and assessment!

Is the information being shared during my virtual video visit safe?

Yes. We take every possible step to ensure any personal health information shared before, during or after your virtual visit is secure and encrypted.