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Resources: Palliative Care

Embrace The Time

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Harbor Palliative Care is a a team of specially-trained physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers and administrative support staff.  The team is specialized in pain and symptom management as well as Advance Care Planning to help patient set goals for their future that leads to a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Harbor Palliative Care focuses on – Quality of Life

Relieves: brings relief of symptoms or suffering from a serious illness,

Matches: clarifies the match between the care the patient receives and their wishes and goals,

Prepares: leads in preparation for healthcare decisions whether now or in the future.

Palliative Care: YOU are a BRIDGE

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Getting Started


Anyone can initiate a palliative care referral, but it does require a physician’s order.  Please contact your healthcare provider or Harbor Palliative Care and we will assist in the process for evaluation.


Call our team at 231.722.0382

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