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The Hospice Chaplain Visit and Celebrating Spiritual Care week

October 21-27 celebrating Spiritual Care Week across the nation

“The theme for Spiritual Care Week in 2018 is “Hospitality – cultivating time“.

Spiritual care has a wonderful history of cultures and religions that build communities’ sense of support and meaning.  This year’s theme continues the emphasis on hospitality with a focus on cultivating time.

Read more about our spiritual care hospice professionals, how they cultivate time, and when a patient and family visit makes sense:

Harbor Hospice chaplains and spiritual counselors:

  • Provide spiritual support and counsel to patients and families through presence, prayer, communion, scripture reading, and building relationships.
  • Can connect patients with spiritual leaders in their community.
  • Bring a strong ethical compass to end-of-life care.

Our Team: HarborHospiceMI.org/our-hospice/our-team/

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