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Celebrating Spiritual Care Week

October 25-31 celebrating Spiritual Care Week across the nation

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The theme for 2020 is Collaborative Health Care: Chaplains Complete the Picture

Sometimes a picture is more informative and revealing than either words or actions, referencing the thought, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Collaborative Healthcare: Chaplains Complete the Picture encourages professionals and constituents across the healthcare continuum to view the work of chaplains as part of an image that conveys inclusive healthcare practices among spiritual care practitioners. Viewing chaplains through a lens whereby they collaborate to provide holistic interdisciplinary care, that otherwise would not be complete if the chaplain were not included.

The lens acts as a focal point to capture what is considered important and conceptualizes messages created in thoughts as images. The intent and perhaps purpose, is to reveal moments captured for later reflection. Chaplains providing spiritual care in spaces that affirm and value their contribution can foster an impression or an idea about what is considered important for care. The question then is what are all of the components of practices, and services that shape the outcome of care?  The chaplain needs to be within the frame of focus for healthcare professionals, patients and families who directly benefit from their presence and spiritual care services. All stakeholders look through the lens and assign a value for all providers in the frame, including the chaplain.

When chaplains are serving as part of an interdisciplinary team they are visible and regarded as an integral part of patient care. It is during these experiences, scope of practices, and interactions that the chaplain becomes one of the central subjects of focus of this picture and image. They are within the lens, within focus and demonstrate relevance as they give meaning to their trade as a chaplain.

Read more about our spiritual care hospice professionals, how they complete the picture, and when a patient and family visit makes sense:

Harbor Hospice chaplains and spiritual counselors:

  • Provide spiritual support and counsel to patients and families through presence, prayer, communion, scripture reading, and building relationships.
  • Can connect patients with spiritual leaders in their community.
  • Bring a strong ethical compass to end-of-life care.

Our Team:

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