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People Helping People – Local Credit Union GIVES BACK

Harbor Hospice Receives $10,000 donation from Family Financial Credit Union

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(L to R) Ammy Johnson and FFCU staff; Tammy Tomkins, Deb Dietz, Heather Halter)

“Giving back and having concern for the community is a core principle of our credit union structure.  Family Financial Credit Union’s Charity of the Year program features different charities that play a vital role in our community.  FFCU believes it is important to support these organizations and is proud to offer our members and staff the opportunity to participate in these worthy causes.  We greatly enjoyed working with Harbor Hospice in 2016″, said Deb Dietz, CEO of Family Financial Credit Union.

The local credit union had a 2016 fundraising goal of $10,000 and they reached it, holding raffles, fun events and bake sales from January through December.  Family Financial Credit Union takes great pride in the neighborhoods they serve.  They live here and work here, so being actively involved in helping to improve our communities is a priority.  In 2002, the employees of the credit union began voting on local non-profit charities to raise funds throughout the year.  Family Financial wants our communities to experience and benefit from their philosophy “People Helping People” through employee volunteer efforts and partnerships with local charities.

“I have a special place in my heart for Harbor Hospice and its amazing staff.  They not only care deeply about the community, they stay true to the credit union motto of “people helping people”.  They are forever part of our “Family” at Family Financial Credit Union.  We have such a passion for our communities and we are honored to call Harbor Hospice our partner!”, said Heather Halter, Director of Marketing.

“Harbor Hospice is committed to serving end of life care needs in our community.  We have been invited into thousands of families homes, each one is special; each one is a privilege. By reaching out to their members, Family Financial Credit Union is able to support non-profit organizations, like ours.  We applaud their philanthropic spirit and are grateful for the credit union’s support of our mission”, says Ammy Johnson, Director of Development of the Harbor Hospice Foundation.

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