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THANK YOU Veterans – We Honor You Everyday

Veteran’s Day is Saturday, November 11, 2017

The day we say THANK YOU to the women and men who have served, protecting our freedoms.

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(Norma Bunnell and her brother, Bob Bunnell were pinned by Veteran Volunteer, Pete Hoekema for their selfless act of serving our country)

Bob Bunnell, a primary caregiver for his mother, Laura and his sister, Norma heard about our veteran pinning ceremonies from Amy G., a Harbor Hospice Social Worker.  He knew they wanted to hold the pinning for his sister, a Vietnam Marine Veteran, and it was mentioned at the same time for him to be pinned in front of his mother for his 20 years of service in the Navy.

Paula P., Volunteer Coordinator for Harbor Hospice set up the pinning immediately the next day with Pete Hoekema, a Veteran Volunteer since 2016, one of six active veteran volunteers.  Certificates were printed and pins ready.

At Harbor Hospice it is our privilege and passion to honor each patient and families’ journey.  We are invited into each home at a critical, intimate time.  It is during these times we learn who each patient really is and we hear their stories.  We use our skills to meet their needs, their wishes.  We honor their journey.  We serve them, as they served us.

Hospice programs across the country are pleased to honor veterans for their service, and as a Level IV We Honor Veterans Program, Harbor Hospice has conducted Veteran Pinning Ceremonies for over 395 veteran patients since becoming a We Honor Veterans program in 2011.

Our six veteran volunteers have spent over 400 hours visiting patients with them all having one thing in common — to serve and protect our country.  Disciplines served of our veteran volunteers include the Army, Navy, Air Force, and National Guard.

Thank you to the patients and families that have welcomed our staff and volunteers into their homes to provide care and these pinning ceremonies to thank you for your service.

For more information on Harbor Hospice Veteran Pinning or other services please call 231.728.3442 or 1.800.497.9559 or contact us through our message system.

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