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Thank You Skylar and Adolfo! A Caring Community

Thank you to Skylar Arroyo and Adolfo Lopez, students from West Ottawa Public Schools for their support of Camp Courage, a program of The Bob and Merle Scolnik Healing Center of Harbor Hospice.

The boys are in an International baccalaureate program in school at West Ottawa.  One of the graduation requirements is a CAS (creativity, activity and service) project.

Focusing on community needs and resources, the goal of their mural is to bring recognition of the Camp Courage program to their school as it was presented at the baccalaureate graduation celebration.  The boys also hope that Camp Courage can showcase the mural yearly to bring joy to the children!

Do you know a child and/or teen that could attend our grief camp? 2019 Information for parents/guardians/schools can be found on the Camp Courage page.  We will be accepting 2020 camp applications later this year or in January.
We are honored to have been chosen for support of our annual grief camp for children and teens.  On behalf of the patients and families served and those in the future, THANK YOU!

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