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Welcome to Carrie, our new Hospice Therapy Dog!

Carrie1 1024x773 - Welcome to Carrie, our new Hospice Therapy Dog!Help us welcome Carrie, the newest member of our Volunteer Team here at Harbor Hospice.

Miss Carrie is 8 years old and her full name is Wolf Manor Carrie in Disguise!  She is a Smooth Tri-Color (Black White & Tan) Collie which is the short hair version of this breed.  The ‘Lassie’ long hair type is considered a rough.  She was born on January 2, 2011 to Happy Bandit and Special Daisey, both of Wolf Manor Collie breed.  Lori(owner)’s mom raised, trained, showed in conformation/agility/obedience and loved her collies over 35 years in the business which produced several champions.  Carrie is Lori’s fifth collie, which she’s loved the gentle dog breed for 40 years.

Lori was very grateful for the Hospice Care her parents had received and the support throughout the difficult and emotional end-of-life journey.

After some time reflecting, Lori felt she needed to give back to people who were in the care of homes and hospitals, so Carrie and her went through the process to join a Therapy Team.  Finally choosing Alliance of Therapy Dogs after speaking with a couple of friends who were pet owners and did therapy dog visits.  Carrie received her certificate on 10/1/2018.  Harbor Hospice therapy dog services is a way to volunteer and bring smiles to those that need it the most.

“I can still see my mom’s smiling face every time I brought Carrie over to see her, even though she was surrounded with other collies.  Thank you for the opportunity to put smiles on faces of folks that need it the most!”, said Lori O’Brien

According to Alliance of Therapy Dogs, having a visit from a Therapy Dog can:

  • Help through mental disorders
  • Elevate mood
  • Fight off anxiety
  • Regulate emotions
  • Offer social support

About Toby’s owner

Lori OBrien 10.7.19 901x1024 - Welcome to Carrie, our new Hospice Therapy Dog!

Lori O’Brien, a local Harbor Hospice Volunteer since spring 2019.

Harbor Hospice serving the West Michigan lake shore.  The agency has provided hospice care and support programs to residents in a five-county area for over 37 years.


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