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#GivingTuesday Dec 03 #GivingAHealingPlace

Childrens Grief Girl2 1024x683 - #GivingTuesday Dec 03 #GivingAHealingPlaceWhen Teresa’s husband lost his battle with cancer two weeks after his diagnosis, she juggled raising her young sons alone and working multiple jobs. Bill’s wife died on the way to the hospital. Jeanette’s 21-yeard old son was murdered. Theirs were just three of the dozens of heartbreaking calls we receive each week from people seeking help with grief, and we welcome them all.

Each, in their own time, comes to our Scolnik Healing Center to try to make sense of their overwhelming loss and to stop it from derailing their life.

Often, in small groups, they meet others also hurting. They tell their stories and share their pain with no guilt or apology, no judgement. In the company of skilled counselors and new friends with similar experiences, they find healing.

“We offer a safe, welcoming place for those who grieve,” says Harbor Hospice counselor Beth Bolthouse.”Each person can unpack their story — and all the layers — the way they need to, whether it trickles out in tiny pieces or pours forth all at once.”

As different as their circumstances are, so are the ways each person begins to heal. Bill started writing poetry. Teresa created a radio program. Jeanette found comfort in a Moms Together support group.

Because we believe so strongly in the power of grief support, there is never a fee for our counseling and grief programs. And that’s why we come to you.

Your gift this year makes it possible for us to continue to offer help and hope to anyone who asks for it.

We are best known as the compassionate people who provide skilled care and comfort to adults and children coming to the end of their life. Yet, for those left behind who grieve, our life-changing work is often just beginning. Thank you for being alongside us in this mission.


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Heather Brolick, Chairperson     Lisa Cummins, President/CEO

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