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Proactive measures taken regarding COVID-19

(UPDATED 3.22.2022)

We’re here for you and your loved one!

Harbor Hospice and Palliative Care is taking proactive measures to reduce exposure of COVID-19 and has developed an organization-wide response and mitigation plan to reduce exposure of COVID-19. Like other Hospice organizations across the country, Harbor Hospice and Palliative Care will implement these measures while continuing to provide visits and core services to our at-risk population in our five-county service area.

The practice will be implemented from March 16, 2020, until further notice.

Please review the following:

Leila & Cyrus Poppen Hospice Residence

  • To protect our patients, staff, and families, patients may have up to three visitors in their room at a time.
    • All visitors and staff must pass a temperature and symptom screening upon entry.
    • No children under the age of 5 are allowed.
    • Fully vaccinated and unvaccinated visitors must be masked at all times while inside the Poppen Residence including the patient’s room. Masks are provided upon entry.
    • All visitors must be masked while walking through common areas of the Poppen Residence regardless of vaccination status
      • The above 3 requirements will be posted throughout the Poppen Residence as Harbor Hospice staff cannot ask for proof of vaccination to visitors and this will be based on the honor system.
    • Visitors are not allowed to stand or sit in any common areas of the Poppen Residence.
  • Exterior doors will be locked at all times.
  • If able, efforts to provide phone calls and other electronic forms of communication will be provided.
  • You may mail your loved one letters, pictures, and cards.
  • Poppen Staff will contact you if your loved one’s condition changes.
  • Our teams are available if you, a loved one, or a friend is inquiring about services. Please call our office for additional information.

Thank you for helping to keep your loved one and our other residents safe during this challenging time.

Main office – 1050 W. Western Ave. Suite 400 Muskegon

  • In-home services are provided as necessary to meet patient needs.
  • All Scolnik Healing Center group and individual sessions are now being held in-person with a video conferencing option.
  • Visitors are limited to vendors and guests. All visitors full vaccinated and unvaccinated must be masked at all times while on the 3rd or 4th floor. Masks are provided upon entry.

If you have questions, about these proactive measures, please call 231.728.3442 and ask to speak with the President/CEO or Supervisor.

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