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The Future is…Self-Care, Advocacy and Inclusion. It’s Counseling Awareness Month!

April  is National Counseling Awareness Month. Counselors need to #BurnBrightNotOut

Our Bereavement Counselors provide services that include helpful information to guide families during the end of life journey and grief support.

Counselors plan and implement interventions to meet the needs of families/caregivers from Harbor Hospice for thirteen months following the death of the individual Hospice patient. The bereavement counselor may also assist in providing grief and loss services provided by hospice to the community-at-large.

When counselors get the self-care they need, they burn brighter, reach higher and last longer. Join us as we celebrate them and encourage them to #BurnBrightNotOut!

We love our bereavement counselors. Thank you for all you do every day!


Counseling in the United States and the world is delivered via many human service settings and can be found in a variety of institutions. These professionals work with people across the life span, from childhood through the senior years.

#BurnBrightNotOut—is focused on some of the avenues that will help ensure a brighter future for counselors, their clients and the counseling profession.

Announcement National Week Month counseling 1 - The Future is...Self-Care, Advocacy and Inclusion. It's Counseling Awareness Month!





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