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Celebrating Technology Professionals. It’s IT Professionals Day!

Today, we celebrate IT Professionals across the globe!

It is a time to honor these organized, efficient, and ‘tech-expert’ professionals that support our clinical and office team every day.

Our IT Professionals support the entire care team and office team by maintaining an operational and effective IT system, day and night!

We love our Systems Manager and Systems Support Specialist. Thank you for all you do every day!


National I.T. Professionals Day was created in 2015 in an effort to show appreciation for the tech wizards who take care of the nuts and bolts so that the average worker’s station stays hooked up to the company network and operates flawlessly.

If you’re old enough, you remember when the only meaning of ‘attachment’ was an actual piece of paper fastened with a metal paper clip to a memo that had been copied physically on a mimeograph machine. Technology has practically advanced at the speed of light since then and someone has always had to keep up with the latest technical advent in order to manage any misfires in a given system. These guys and gals are nothing less than essential to successful business practices. Today, we give them a pat on the back, buy them a cup of coffee, or just say, “Thanks!” Your I.T. pros will appreciate it.


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